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Accounting for Facilities Management

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Smart business owners know that the right CPA firm will be a strong financial partner who contributes to their success. If your facilities management business is lacking the leadership of a firm that really understands its inherent financial challenges, contact THT Tax and Accounting. We design customized accounting solutions for data centers, telecommunications companies, hosting companies and other facilities management businesses. We’ll handle your daily accounting functions, prepare budgets and financial projections, and form a strategy to reduce tax exposure so you retain more of your profits.

As experienced business advisors, we know that it's not just about the numbers but what the numbers mean. When you become our client, we’ll bring clarity to your financial statements so you’ll be able to identify trends, eliminate unnecessary expenses, and plan for the future. If you’re pondering a critical business decision, we’re right where you need us to be, in your corner. We make it our business to know your business so you get the best advice available on how your next move could impact profits or incur tax consequences.

Find out how working with THT Tax and Accounting can make a difference in your bottom line. Request a consultation online now or call us at 973-403-1040.